A group of pedestals made by Aconite
A photo of a crate made by Aconite
Two a-frames on casters made by Aconite
Three images showing two crates and stretcher bars made by Aconite
A pedestal made by Aconite
A bed frame made by Aconite


is a custom fabrication company based in Buchanan, NY. Our services include all types of custom woodworking and fabrication with a particular focus on the needs of the art world. We specialize in studio build-outs, custom furniture to meet the needs of artists and galleries, storage solutions for art works and materials, pedestal fabrication, painting stretchers and panels, as well as fine art crating, T-frames and custom packing solutions.


We offer a range of custom crating and packing options to meet your transportation and storage needs. We can offer professional suggestions for your projects with both packing requirements and budget concerns in mind. All materials and crates are compliant with ISPM 15.

Econo Crates: Our cost-effective econo crates are designed to provide adequate protection for your artwork while minimizing expenses. These crates are ideal for small items, domestic shipments or short-distance transport.

Standard Crates: Our standard crates are suitable for both domestic and international shipments and are durable enough to be used for multiple shipments.

Museum Crates: For high value works that will be shipped repeatedly or remain in storage long term. Our museum crates meet the strictest industry standards including MDO sides, interior moisture protection, neoprene gasketing and bolt and plate closures.

Slat Crates: Our skeleton crates are designed to be economical and lightweight with removable open lattice sides and an open lattice top.

Flight Cases

Our travel frames are specifically designed to protect artworks during transport, storage, and temporary installations.

Standard Travel Frames with Oz Clips: These frames provide reliable protection for your artwork, especially works with sensitive surfaces. They are lightweight, durable, and feature secure oz-clip fastenings to keep your artwork safe during transit.

Pressure-Fit Travel Frames: The pressure-fit design of this travel frame provides a tight and secure enclosure for your artwork without the need for additional fasteners. These travel frames are foam-lined for maximum safety.

Coroplast-Faced Travel Frames: Our coroplast-faced travel frames offer an additional layer of protection for your artwork. The coroplast facing provides impact resistance and prevents damage from external elements.

All of our pedestals can be built custom in a range of colors, finishes, materials, and shapes, allowing you to select the perfect match for your artwork.

Basic: Our standard pedestals are MDF construction with a white roller finish.

Spray Finish: Our spray finish pedestals are meticulously finished to provide an elegant and professional appearance.

Display Furniture: We also offer custom fabrication services for other display fixtures, such as shelves, tables, etc. Reach out to us for further information.

Stretcher Bars: A standard fixed stretcher. These can also be made collapsable with aluminum mending plates for convenience in transporting). Our custom stretcher bars are expertly constructed to provide the ideal foundation for stretching canvases of various sizes.

Aconite also offers stretching, re-stretching services.

Custom Panels: The perfect canvas support for your work. We offer a wide range of options for creating custom panels that meet your unique specifications. We can create panels in various sizes and shapes and materials to meet your needs. We ensure that each custom panel is built to the highest standards, providing a stable and archival-quality surface for your artwork. Can be ordered with or without a primed surface.

We offer custom packing fabrication for any projects and/or shipments. This includes custom strong-boxing, cavity-packing, foam-lined boxes, front-loading boxes, trays, etc. We select appropriate materials, such as acid-free archival paper, foam inserts, and custom-sized boxes to minimize movement and prevent damage during transit.

Transform your studio into a functional environment with our studio build-out services. We will collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life and create a studio space that fosters creativity and productivity. Reach out to us to learn more about storage solutions, custom build-outs, and renovations.

We offer domestic and international shipping logistics from our shop to anywhere in the world.

For international shipments we offer affordable freight service for crated works, facilitate customs clearance and arrange for delivery to your client's door. In many locations around the globe we have trusted partners for unpacking, installation and crate disposal services if requested.

For domestic shipments, in addition to freight service we also can arrange for soft packed works to be shipped via Fine Art Shuttle anywhere in the country. Shuttle service is climate controlled, air-ride equipped and staffed by experienced art handlers.

If you have a custom fabrication project in mind that isn’t listed in our services, send us an e-mail.


3199 Albany Post Road
Buchanan, NY 10511

Alex DeMaria

Paige Früchtnicht-Ponchak

You can find documentation of our projects on Instagram: @aconite.fabrication


For quotes, please send an e-mail to alex@aconitefabrication.com and paige@aconitefabrication.com. Include all necessary details for your project and we will get back to you promptly.